the first Bangladeshi Social networking Portal

First Bangladeshi Social Network Portal
though there is many community portals in Bangladesh but is to be the one and only to be the social networking portal in is consist with very interesting option which makes you so happy to use BdSpot rather then Using Facebook.
it's special features are...........

  • you can send sms to any Bangladeshi mobile.charge?-you can earn credit from Bdspot.
  • you can buy many product using your BDSpot earning.
  • you can see your position as well as your friend through google map
  • you can play online games through Bdspot.
  • you can write blog
  • you can make your product ads free
  • you can make group chat as well as personal chat
  • you can make acknowledge your Friend about job circular
  • you can send invitation card to your friend
  • you can download songs from it
earning through BDSpot:
you can earn from your account using BDSpot by
  • inviting friend to join BdSpot
  • making group
  • uploading photos
  • making invitation
  • making comment
  • writing Blog
You can use your money sending sms ,buying products.
you can also transfer money to your friend.