Mobile:Back up and synchronize your contact information free

what will happened if you loss your favourite mobile phone?
afraid of losing all your contact information,calls,texts,photos?

OK,Phone Backup is a great solution to safeguard your data so that it is intact and safe for future use.
you can make your phone backup using your Mobile hosting company(if they provide).but you may have to pay for this.
so,why not you are using the free phone backup service from is free,easy and secure.once you activate the phone backup service from Will be able to keep all your data like sms,contact no,notes,tasks can also edit those data through can See your friends' social networking activity on your can also share your data with your friend.and this is absolutely free....
now let's have a look how to activate it in your mobile
first,go to sign up to this.there you have to provide you mobile brand and model number.then give your phone number.
you will now receive a sms in your mobile from should save this massage using pin no.(1234).
Then go to connectivity option and sync in your will get there a ZYB icon.just go to it and make your mobile synchronise.
In a very short time ZYB automatically updates the contact information you have stored on your phone,and if any of your contacts change things like their phone numbers and emails you will always be up-to-date.