JetFlash V15 Antivirus USB Flash Drive released

Transcend and Trend Micro have joined together to release an Antivirus USB flash drive namely JetFlash V15.It is the first ever USB flash drive which is specialised with embedded Antivirus system launched in India.Now With the use of JetFlash V15 one can store data more securely and always ensure for sure protection of his personal data.In this days use of flash drive is increased so much that a little person wants to carry his or her laptop together at work instead they are keeping their records in a pen drive, so there are always a possibilities of your flash drive getting infected with virus but you don’t have to worry about it when you are using JetFlash V15.

The name of the software is Trend Micro USB security taht this device is embedded with which protects the data stored on the drive. When this drive is connected to the internet it directly installs updates to the latest version of the software which is available on the Internet. These drives are available for 4GB and for 8 GB of storage capacity with a warranty of three and it costs around $30 and $60 approximately for 4 GB and 8 GB respectively.