Vers iPhone cases for your favourite Iphone

The new Vers iPhone cases truly deserve your iPhone, very enchanting and valuable like your iPhone. These cases are named as shellcases and they are made for your iPhone and iPod touch. It’s good to have the iPhone cases which save your environment. These cases are made from Bamboo and are hand crafted. Each case is given a sui generis look with tough body and shape. Bamboo is tougher than plastic and it protects your iPhone and gives them a place to nest themselves.

Vers iPhone Shellcase

You might be thinking that we are using Bamboo for this case than how can we save our environment? So let me explain you that for each tree which is used to prepare this case for those 100 trees are re-planted in return by the partnership with the U.S. Forestry Service and the Arbor Day Foundation. And you can even get 100% access to your iPhone with this case. So now your one hand is in milk and the other in butter. Get this case for your enduring iPhones for just $34 and give yourself a chance to save the environment and come close to nature.