The Most Popular Phone In The US-iphone

It is really a difficult job to make ranking of cell phone companies.Most of these companies have a bunch of popular handsets, whilst others have just one or two yet manage to sell as many or more. Rank the companies by cumulative sales across all of their lines and the results will swing one way; rank them model-by-model, and they might look completely different.

Though BlackBerry still holds nearly double of the RIM's market-share compare to Apple' it is really surorising thatApple 3G iphone became the most popular phone in US. 

The iPhone is fairly leading ahead by 4.0% of all mobile phone owners while BlackBerry 8300 series followed closely behind at 3.7% .The rest of the list is made up primarily of feature phones, outside of appearances by the BlackBerry Storm and the BlackBerry 8100 series in 7th and 10th respectively. As the iPhone 3GS doesn’t make an individual appearance on the list, we’re assuming that they’ve combined the 3G and 3GS into one product line.
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