Which one is Best? Firefox Mobile or the MicroB browser

All we know that Mozila FireFox Vs Internet Exploler is now a burnig topics.which one is best?which one will be better?But,what is about to the mobile browser?is Mozila Firefox or the MicroB browser is better?

ok,no more ques....let's analyse some comparison acordind to some point.[experiences at Nokia N900]

Startup Time:
The time taken by the each browser to open and load the default screen, after a clean reboot.
Firefox: 7.06 secs
MicroB: (For stock browser) 3.79 secs

Loading Static Web Pages:
The time to open Some Popular Web sites
The Nokia Phone Blog: 11.96 secs
Consumerist: 14.17 secs
eBay: 7.56 secs
The Nokia Phone Blog: 8.75 secs
Consumerist: 13.47 secs
eBay: 7.09 secs
MicroB  isslightly faster than Firefox,seemed to be more responsive when scrolling around large web pages.

Loading Flash Web Pages:
The time required to load Macromedia’s official Flash page with embedded video and YouTube music video – “Begin Again”.
Flash.com (redirects to macromedia flash site): 32.42 secs
YouTube video: 12.45 secs
Flash.com: 40.05 secs
YouTube video, same as above: 13.17 secs

Browser-Exclusive Features:
Tabbed browsing, extensions search, Weave, customizability.
Save webpages/images, find on page.

How often a browser crashes, or exhibits “unpredictable” behavior.
Occasionally quit after opening. I couldn’t really duplicate the problem with much accuracy though.
No issues, even when attempting to load bloatware sites like Yahoo! Mail.

Memory Usage:
Firefox: 20.0% memory usage
MicroB: 27.9% total memory usage (12.8% browserd + 9.6% browserd + 5.5% browser)

Extensions and Add-ons:
Great support for extensions. There is an add-on search and installation is as simple as tapping the “Add to Firefox” button.
Bare-bones add-on support. No direct search capabilities, although you can always find extensions with Google.


It’s really difficult to say which browser is truly “better”. If you’re searching for the speediest one of the two, the stock MicroB browser is quicker starting up and rendering static (non-Flash) pages. On the other hand, Firefox is more faster when it comes to Flash intensive pages like You Tube. it's also have some extra feature which will give you pleasant browsing.
Now,decision is up to you