Make use of your old DVDs | Make a Mobile phone Stand with Old CDs

Reuse of your old DVD
Everybody of us use lots of DVDs or CDs for many purpose. Many of those can be damage or unnecessary or useless. than what can we do with those old DVDs. can we just destroy these? many of us do this with their old CDs. But we can reuse them in a nice smart and stylish way.

one thing we can do with the old DVD is we can Make a mobile phone stand. now i am telling you the process how to make it. It's really an easy process to do....

What you need:

1.a old CD or DVD
2.A Lamp or candle
3.A scissors

Working process:

Take you DVD and just go through the simple process shown on the Video. Make use of it. Enjoy your own device.......

Here is the Video........