Wireless keyboard features mouse and numeric touchpad

Working with number keys of the keyboard may be sometime annoys to us as we have no frequent use of it. One has to accept that it becomes tedious at times to hit those numeric keys. But now we can enjoy using a numeric touch pad on our own keyboard. Great brains from Brando have come up with this cordless keyboard with numeric touchpad. Such atypical yet instrumental gadgets make life more simpler.

The touchpad replaces the position of the numeric keys with élan. Right and left click buttons of the mouse are also given enabling the use of both mouse and keyboard in one go. Switching to the touchpad is easy by pressing just one button. The 87 customary keys are placed as it is and moreover 18 hot keys for various media and other advanced functionalities are accommodated on this keyboard. This wireless keyboard has working range of 10 metres and is USB chargeable.

This wireless slim keyboard with “Smart TouchPad" costs only $69 which is affordable as it saves on the price of mouse. So get ready to touch the number keys and click from the keyboard.