Some Halloween Face Painting Designs

Here is some quite easy and inexpensive process for face designing.It is safe for your Halloween child.Easy washable face paints and turn your Halloween child into whatever she or he fancies in a matter of minutes!

The Masked Green Go-Getter Superhero
The green mask that won’t blow away in flight was speedily applied with a sponge and outlined with a paintbrush. The eyebrows were made with a small pad applicator. A swishing cape attached behind his shoulders allows him to take off quickly.

Scrappy the Scarecrow
This happy face would hardly scare away a wren, but will delight the hosts of Halloween parties. Her makeup starts with a yellow sponge-applied base. Black paintbrush or makeup stick lines, highlighted with white paintbrush lines, sew up her mouth, make patches on her forehead and cheeks, and extend her eyes. A straw-filled hat and a straw-stuffed flannel shirt are the perfect accessories.

Motley the Mummy
A ghoulish reminder of the dead, this mummy is wrapped from foot to head and, thanks to face paint, across his face. Wide pad applicators make the white strips across the face, which are then outlined in black with a paintbrush. Since he is very old, his wrapping is a little dirty: Paintbrushes accomplish this. When the child’s mouth is closed, more teeth still show, drawn by a makeup stick and filled with a small padded applicator. A dirty head wrap finishes off the mummy costume.

Lizzie the Lioness
A lovely jungle queen is brought to life with a yellow face-paint base, applied with a sponge. Lion eyes are drawn with white face paint put on by a pad applicator and outlined with a paintbrush or marked in black. Similarly, her muzzle is painted white beneath her black-painted nose, and hair under her mouth is painted white. Both muzzle and chin hair are outlined in black with a paintbrush or makeup stick. A red makeup stick furrows her brow and makes whiskers. Her muzzle is dotted with black. Gold ears on a headband are the final touch.

Grueselda, the Green-Faced Witch
Starting with a green base, applied with a sponge, this fearsome coven member has gruesome black lines drawn by one paintbrush or makeup stick and highlighted in white by another. Her eyes are ringed with black lines, and her eyebrows are emphasized with black. Black makeup covers a tooth, making her look bedraggled—or eight years old.

Princess Gracie, a Good Fairy
All the colors of her costume—lavender, pink, blue, and white—are used in the enchanting design around her eyes. Paintbrushes and makeup sticks were the primary tools, starting with a pink line that defines her eyes and then spreads out toward her temples. Her cheeks and temples were painted lavender with a pad applicator. Blue squiggles were applied next with a paintbrush or makeup stick, which also made the white lines and white dots. Gossamer wings, a beribboned net skirt, and a jewel-studded wand complete her costume.

Nicko the Clown
Here is a very quick but lively clown makeup that doesn’t use a base paint. His eyes are enlarged with white sponge-applied face paint, black paintbrush or makeup stick outlining, and green highlighter lines, also applied with a paintbrush or makeup stick. A big red mouth applied with a pad applicator is outlined in white and black, with black-rimmed white dimples at either end. A polka-dot hat, a big bow tie, and curly green hair complete the silliness.

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